Seminar in Composition: Service Learning

ENGCOMP 0208 - spring course
Fulfills writing course requirement

You'll be partnered with a nonprofit for meaningful community service. Then, reflect on your expereinces in class. 

In spring 2020, students will partner with the Justice Scholars program to support Westinghouse High School students as they develop research projects and prepare for college.

Course structure

As you work in the community, you will get to:

  • Explore different perspectives and theories about community work
  • Build relationships in Pittsburgh neighborhoods
  • Get a hands-on introduction to community service opportunities in the city
  • Reflect critically on your own experiences in your course writing, so you can contextualize what you've learned as you strengthen your writing skills. 
  • Produce writing that can tangibly impact the nonprofit organization (brochures, newsletters, etc.) 

"We talk about the city being our campus, but it's easy to get stuck in Oakland," said Mark Kramer, who teaches the course. "This course can really help you see a view on the world that you didn't have before. It's really about learning more robustly about the community, and learning heavily through relationships where you get to know people over the course of several weeks."