Welcome from the Dean

I can't wait to personally show you all that the University of Pittsburgh's Honors College has to offer. Even amid all of the impressive options out there—from the ivies to other top-ranked honors programs—I am confident you will recognize that what we have developed is truly extraordinary.

We boast some of the most lauded professors imaginable. Rhodes Scholars. MacArthur Genius Award winners. TED talks alumni. And our faculty teach creative, interactive courses you won't find anywhere else. An English literature course focusing on the body that includes a real anatomy lab? Check. A course on health disparities and policy change taught by the past Dean of the Law School? Check. Analysis of sports data from the nation's current expert? Check. And is the multidisciplinary course on the musical Hamilton coming, led by a team spanning political science, theater, history, and music? You guessed it: check.

But it may actually be our attention to individuality and flexibility that distinguishes us the most. Your program will truly cater to your goals and preferences. Would you like to take courses outside the Honors College, choosing from thousands of options across the university and the city? Sure. Would you like to spend a summer studying visual art and/or ecology on the gorgeous piece of land we own in Wyoming? Great idea. Would you like to live in our dedicated Honors Housing? Absolutely. Would you like to study abroad at one of our established partners in England, Tanzania, Germany, or Argentina? They'd be delighted to have you. Being in our Honors College is not about fulfilling requirements—it's about fulfilling dreams.

As you are making important decisions about your education, please remember that you also want to be in a city where you want to live for four years! So, it might not be a bad idea to come live in the city that is consistently ranked among the most livable in the nation and the world. Even in just the past few years, Pittsburgh has been ranked as the #1 food city in the U.S. according to Zagat, the 3rd best city for American teenagers by smartasset.com, the most affordable city in the world according to Slate magazine, and one of the best cities for an active lifestyle according to WalletHub. As if that weren't enough, the Huffington Post ranks Pittsburgh not only as one of the top 10 cities “where techies should consider moving” but also as the single “coolest American city you haven't been to.”

And did I mention that our gorgeous space—on the top two floors of perhaps the most iconic building in academia—looks basically like Hogwarts? Come visit us!