Student publications

Pitt Honors proudly supports 4 bold, boundary-crossing publications. 

Undergraduates from across the University are invited to contribute, or join the editorial teams. 

Pitt Business Review: Business and the Public Interest

The Pitt Business Review analyzes business and current events that intersect with the public interest. Writers are encouraged to explore topics of interest, or relevance, to their major as they gain experience from substantial professional resources.

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Pitt Political Review

The Pitt Political Review (PPR) examines the deeper aspects of political questions. The PPR is not limited by a particular intellectual approach or point of view; it's a broad collection of contributions from public-spirited students of all stripes.

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The Pitt Pulse

Founded in 2010, The Pitt Pulse is the University of Pittsburgh's creative health & science magazine. It sits at the intersection of art and science, and breaks the barrier between science information and the general public with intriguing and relevant works about science and medical issues.

The Pitt Pulse also produces a radio show (The Pitt Pulse Presents) and video series (The Beat). 

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Collision Magazine

Founded in 2001, Collision Magazine is one of the few undergraduate publications in the nation dedicated exclusively to creative nonfiction prose and poetry.

Each semester the magazine publishes personal essays, narratives, travel pieces, feature articles, profiles, and poems by undergraduate and graduate students from Pittsburgh and around the United States. Collision staff members help select submissions, plan magazine release parties, and implement public art projects.

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