Upperclassmen Honors Housing LLCs

Interested in shaping your living community? Want to be surrounded by students from diverse academic backgrounds who are intellectually engaging? Apply to live in an Upperclass Honors Living Learning Community (LLC)!

Questions? Contact hhousing@pitt.edu.


The applications for the 2020-2021 Upperclassmen Honors LLCs are now open! When applying for your on-campus housing through Panther Central, please indicate your interest in the Honors LLCs. This will direct you to our application. All applications are due 11:59pm on Saturday, February 1st. If you have any questions about your application, please contact Parker, Honors Housing Manager, at paw64@pitt.edu.


Please note the following requirements for applying to Upperclass Honors Housing:

  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of one term at the University by the time of application.
  • Preference is given to applicants with a 3.25 GPA; applicants with GPAs below a 3.25 will be considered, but should answer the optional GPA question in the application.
  • Applicants must have a Housing Guarantee (check with Panther Central for more information on the Housing Guarantee). Students without housing guarantees cannot be considered for Honors Housing LLCs.
  • If applying with suitemates, everyone must be the same gender and each complete a separate application, which are considered individually.

The Process

This application process occurs before the traditional room selection that is based on your lottery number (received from Panther Central in early January). What that means is that if you apply and are selected for Honors Housing, you forgo the typical room draw lottery process, as the LLC selection process is complete before the typical lottery process begins.

Honors LLC Preference
Students who are currently living in Honors Housing (either freshmen or upperclass) will be given preference for placement in Upperclass Honors Housing should they request it.  These students are still required to submit demographic and roommate information on the application, but are not required to complete the supplemental essays. This does not guarantee that you will receive your first choice in room type, as this is allocated separately.

If you are applying to Upperclass Honors Housing as a first time student (you have not lived in an Honors LLC in the past) you will be asked to complete the following essay questions with your application:

  • Interests and Activities - please list up to five clubs/activities/interests in order of importance to you, most important first.
  • University Honors College Involvement (150-250 words) - If you have been engaged in Honors College activities other than Honors Housing, please describe your involvement in the space below. If you have not been involved with Pitt Honors (or if your involvement has been limited to Honors Housing), please describe why you want to be a part of this Honors LLC and how you hope to be involved in the broader Honors community.
  • Residential Contributions (250-350 words) - Regardless of where you have lived on campus, it is an expectation for residential students that they be active members of their community.  The expectations for those in Honors Housing are even greater than the standard residential population. Use the space below to describe 1-2 ways you have contributed to your residential community.  Be specific and use anecdotes where appropriate. Then, describe 1-2 ways in which you plan to contribute to the Upper Class Honors Housing community.
  • LLC Programming Ideas (1-2 sentence(s) per idea) - Programming in Upperclass Honors LLCs is driven by the interests of the community and is often coordinated by community members themselves. Share two separate ideas for two different types of programs – one that is social and in nature, and one that is more intellectually engaging – that you’d like to see offered next year in the LLC. Please provide a program name and 1­-2 sentence description for each.

If you are a returning Honors LLC student, you will not have to answer the above essay questions; your application will only include demographic information and housing options.

Important dates and deadlines

Upperclass Honors Housing applications are currently open and will close at 11:59pm on February 1st.

You will be notified about whether you were admitted to Upperclass Honors LLCs via your Pitt e-mail by early February.

Upperclass Honors Housing apartment/suite/room selection will be a web-based process in mid-February. Selection times will be pre-assigned based on your housing lottery number. During your selection time you will be able to select the exact bed space (building and apartment/suite/room) you'd like for next year. If you are in a roommate group, the roommate with the lowest lottery number will select the apartment/suite/room and bedspaces for their group. Please make sure to coordinate before the selection process.

The Housing Options

There are 2 Upperclass Honors Housing LLCs at Pitt:

  • Brackenridge Hall: located on the quad on lower campus housing 205 students in three-, four-, and five-person suites. There are twelve floors in Irvis Hall and six floors will be Upperclass Honors Housing LLC floors (approximately 120 students)
  • Forbes Craig Apartments: located across from the Carnegie Museum on the corner of Forbes and Craig housing 102 students in two- and three-person furnished apartments.

About the Buildings

Forbes Craig Apartments and Brackenridge Hall collectively accommodate approximately 220 sophomores and juniors. These communities are places where students can continue to develop friendships, learn from the scholarly diversity that surrounds them, and support one another as they hone their academic and intellectual interests.

Brackenridge Hall

Brackenridge Hall is located on the quad on lower campus near our departmental offices on floors 35-37 on the Cathedral of Learning. The Honors LLC is home to approximately 120 upperclass students and resident assistants in three-, four-, and five-person suites. Rooms feature basic cable, a refrigerator, microwave, and private bathrooms.


Forbes-Craig Apartments

Forbes Craig ApartmentsLocated directly across Forbes Avenue from the Carnegie Museum of Art, near the corner of Craig Street, the Forbes-Craig Apartments house 102 upperclass students in 39 furnished apartments with single and double bedrooms. One Honors College staff member resides in the building and serves as Housefellow. Forbes-Craig residence offers basic cable television in each living room and an Internet connection in each bedroom.



More About Upperclass Honors Housing LLCs

The Honors Communities are not retreats from the intellectual life of the University. Instead, the Honors Communities are central to the intellectual life of the University. They are places where students can further explore intellectual topics from the classroom and beyond.

Since this living experience is student driven, the Honors College is looking for students who have the maturity and the creativity to help make this place continue to succeed. Successful applicants usually display the following:

  • A commitment to academic excellence. Preference will be given to students who maintain an average of a B+ or higher (3.25 GPA).
  • A commitment to the continued development of this living environment. This includes active involvement in the fostering and implementation of projects for the community.
  • A commitment to service in the surrounding community.
  • A commitment to responsible living. This includes a respect for oneself and the other members of his or her living community.

The residential honors communities depend on the maturity and the creativity of their members. The continued success of these communities is truly the result of the people who live there. In return for your commitment to these communities, the University of Pittsburgh and the Honors College are dedicated to making your experience a rewarding and special one.