Awarding Afternoons

Awarding Afternoons is designed to give students the skills, resourcefulness, and confidence needed to compete for elite scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Truman, and Udall. These awards fund graduate school, international research, and more, and open doors to careers of substantial impact. 

Each week, interactive activities will focus on the essentials for successfully pursuing these top scholarships. You will also hear from experts on topics such as crafting your narrative, connecting with experts in your field, interviewing, and getting optimal reference letters.

This program is best suited to high-achieving, ambitious freshmen and sophomores who show excellent potential for leadership and attainment. For example, the Rhodes and Marshall require at least a 3.7 GPA. If you plan to attend, you should be seriously interested in applying for one or more of these awards. If you plan on seeking an MD or other professional degree, you should want to take at least one to two gap years following your undergraduate education.

Sessions will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. throughout the term in the Honors College on the 37th floor.

Please register to attend.

Spring Term 2018

Please note: the topics for each session are subject to change.


17 – Why Apply for a National Scholarship, and What Makes a Competitive Applicant?
Upper classmen and previous contenders for and winners of national scholarships will talk about different awards and share their wisdom

24 – Crafting Competitive Essays
Guest speaker: Beth Newborg, English Department

31 – Public Speaking Skills
Micky Bannon, Department of Communication


7 – Navigating Your Path
Guest speaker: Heather Lyke, Athletic Director

14 – Common Writing Mistakes
Guest speaker: Harry Kloman, English Department

21 – Articulating Your Interest in and the Impact of your Field
Guest speaker: Judy Cameron, Department of Psychiatry

28 – Connecting with Letter Writers and Experts in your Field
Guest speakers: Pitt upperclassmen


14 – Leadership
Guest speaker: Jim Earle, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business

21 – Media literacy
Guest speaker: Cindy Skrzycki, Department of English

28 – TBD*


4 – TBD*

11 – Soft Skills for Social Situations

In addition to a main social event for all Awarding Afternoons participants to mingle with University and community leaders, we plan to schedule a number of luncheons where Awarding Afternoons participants will dine with Faculty Fellows.

*On dates TBD, we will schedule upperclassmen to share their wisdom and join/lead the Awarding Afternoons participants in planned interactive activities.