Personalized Scholarship Mentoring

  • Could your pet project become a paid research topic?
  • How could you travel abroad this summer? 
  • What can you do now to be more competitive for a national award later? 

Your Scholarship Mentor can guide you through all that, and more.

A big-city, major research university is rich with opportunities that you may not even know exist. As an Honors student, you have access to them all. Whether you're on a traditional academic path or creating your own, your mentor will help you find the options that fit.

Honors mentoring complements your regular academic advising. We'll help you go beyond coursework to design a comprehensive plan for your undergraduate experience, with learning that inspires you in and out of the classroom.

Chat with an Honors Scholarship Mentor:

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National Scholarship Support

We can help you craft a competitive application for national and international scholarships, fellowships and grants, or just find the best awards for your goals. 

Awarding Afternoons

Want to sharpen your skills to win competitive awards? Get hands-on practice, insider tips and advice during Awarding Afternoons. Check the schedule »

Pitt Honors also has specialized advising for students interested in academic community engagement. If you're interested in competing for national scholarships, sign up for our semesterly National Scholarships newsletter