Scholar Communities

Join an interdisciplinary research movement.

Address critical 21st century issues alongside all the brightst minds — faculty, students, and community experts across different disciplines.  

By crossing boundaries to bring together scholars from different perspectives, we create a comprehensive hub of knowledge that can evolve and grow. Scholar Communties are: 

  • Collaborative - Strengthen your work with insights from broad disciplines, backgrounds, and sectors outside of your focus.
  • Dynamic - In a tight Community, we can respond quickly to new discoveries, and easily connect findings from disparate fields.   
  • Impactful - Develop evidence-based solutions that have a tangible effect on a local level, and can also scale globally. 

As part of a Scholar Community, your research will shape (and re-shape) the foundation for other scholars working toward the same goal.

Food ecosystems

Partnering with regional powerhouse Food21, this Community is transforming our rich region into a more resilient, self-sustaining producer by advancing agricultural, engineering, health, and business techniques. 

Water sustainability

Launching soon