Prospective Students

Students from all academic disciplines who are interested, motivated, and able have the freedom to select the specific University Honors College (UHC) programs and experiences that will support their academic goals at Pitt and beyond.

As a prospective student, here are a few links that should be helpful to you in learning about the UHC and making your college decision. Have specific questions? Refer to our staff page, which lists contact information for each staff member or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Visit Pitt and the Honors College

Interested in visiting the University Honors College and meeting with a staff representative? Contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and schedule a one on one meeting.

Honors College Info Sessions

Every Monday and Friday at 1 p.m. we hold information sessions about the UHC on the 35th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. No formal sign-up is required.

Honors Housing

Students living in the first-year honors residence hall, Sutherland West, are part of a diverse academic and social community with direct access to activities supported by the Honors College including community engagement, cultural excursions, special lectures, and hall programming that is driven by students interests. 

Honors Courses

Honors Courses are provided in a great variety of disciplines. These courses are typically smaller than non-Honors Courses (average enrollment of 15-20 students) and go into much greater depth. Put simply, students work harder and learn more. Check out our list of Honors Course offerings for the upcoming term.

Honors Supplemental Advising

The UHC provides supplemental academic advising for students interested in pursuing a pre-health profession, engaging in the community, applying for national scholarships and fellowships, and connecting with faculty and the wide range of opportunities available at Pitt.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programs

The UHC offers a variety of undergraduate research opportunities in the Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms that encourage students to participate in faculty-mentored research and scholarship both domestically and abroad.

Bachelor of Philosophy Degree

This distinctive baccalaureate degree, offered by the Honors College, represents high academic achievement. Students from any school or discipline must successfully complete a research or scholarship project culminating in a written thesis document, which is presented publicly and defended before a faculty examining committee.