Shea Higgins

  • Marketing & Communications Specialist

Pitt Honors students are doing mind-blowing things every day, and Shea helps us share about it. 

If she just starts asking you a bunch of questions, it's because she thinks you have a great story to share. She could not be happier to be collecting these stories at Pitt Honors, because the students here are fascinating Tell her all your tales!  

With broad experience in journalism, public relations and marketing, she spent several years as the Content Director & UX Strategist for a creative digital marketing agency. There, she oversaw brand messaging, and helped craft award-winning campaigns for tourism destinations. Some of them were a little offbeat, but in a good way. She helps us refine Pitt Honors' dignified (but personable and welcoming) tone — and chases us all around the office making sure we're keeping to brand guidelines. 

She's a total marketing geek, who loves all things memorable, measurable and elegantly concise. That big-picture strategy stuff is her favorite, but she digs into the nitty-gritty, too. You'll probably find her swooning over words, data or fonts. Part of her job is removing little points of friction that other people don't consciously notice, so sometimes she cares deeply about seemingly small details. In fact, she fiddles with pretty much everything around her to make it more user-friendly. (And not just marketing stuff. All stuff.)