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Fund your graduate school, research, study abroad, and more.

Pitt's National Scholarship Mentors can help you craft competitive applications for national and international scholarships, fellowships, awards, and grants. 

Explore your scholarship options: Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment on Pitt Pathways with Lesha Greene, Josh Cannon, Dave Fraser, or Aidan Beatty. 


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National Scholarships that Require Pitt Endorsement

The National Scholarships that Require Pitt Endorsement have campus-specific deadlines that typically range from two to four months before the foundation deadline. Note that these campus deadlines are not always listed on the foundation's official website. It is mandatory that students meet the campus deadlines and participate in the campus process to compete for these awards.

Other National Scholarships

Some national awards do not require Pitt endorsement. Students interested in pursuing these opportunities are encouraged to seek the advice and guidance of Pitt National Scholarship advisors, but they must communicate their intent to apply as far in advance of the award deadlines as possible.  

Scholarship Resources

View a list of additional scholarship resources. Students can seek the guidance of the UHC National Scholarship advisors for direct-apply opportunities provided that they contact the office well in advance before the deadline (one to three months, depending on the scholarship).


The University of Pittsburgh History of Award Winners is a record of Pitt undergraduate student and alumni recipients of nationally competitive awards. We rely on Pitt students, alumni, faculty, and staff to share with us the news of successes in national competitions.