Literature and Science

ENGLIT 0612 - fall 

Dissect culture and cadavers

How does culture shape our medical beliefs? How do religious ideals in art shape our representations today? What is the mind, and what makes us “human”? Science alone doesn’t answer these questions — and it never has.

So many cultural factors have shaped the way we view our bodies through the ages: culture, philosophy, religion, art, medicine, and more. Dissect these ideas in literature and in the lab. We’ll start from the Renaissance and move forward to questions we’re still grappling with today.    

Special features:

  • Dissect cadavers in a regular hands-on anatomy lab
  • Get special access: Go behind the scenes at the Carnegie Museum’s private research collections to look at mammal specimens, review rare medical texts from Pitt’s Health Sciences Library, and more
  • Small-group course, so you can tailor topics, discussions, and projects to your interests in intersecting fields

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