Honors first-year seminars

These 1-credit interdisciplinary critical thinking seminar courses are discussion-driven. You will get to help drive the direction of the class by voting on the texts for the course. 

Each seminar is capped at 15 students, so plan to sign up early (during your priority course registration.) 

Spring 2019 seminars: 

Power and Resistance

Break down 3 of the most important (and most controversial) topics of our contemporary world: racism, sexism, and capitalism.

Identity and Narrative

Explore the concept of identity, and the stories you tell about yourself and others, using different narrative voices.

Thought Revolutions

Examine revolutionary ideas through history that completely uprooted the old assumptions.

Don't Let the Numbers Fool Ya

Learn to navigate the onslaught of scientific knowledge, and analyze the representation (and misrepresentation) of scientific findings.

Communicating Research

Learn about different methods and communication techniques to share about research with a variety of audiences.