First Amendment Law

LAW 2911 - fall - This is a special graduate-level course for undergraduates

Dissect the most revered (and contested) section of the Constitution

5 of our most precious civil freedoms were cemented in just a short 45 words. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation! Discover the ways this brief but powerful Amendment blurs the lines between liberal and conservative in our legal system.

You'll get to: 

  • Dig into real case books
  • Explore hot-button litigations, past and present
  • Practice arguing with legal logic

A designated “LAW” course on your transcript

This is a special undergraduate-level course from the Pitt Graduate School of Law. It also has special registration procedures:

  • Get a permission number by emailing (First come, first served.) Include the specific course number (LAW 2911), your PeopleSoft ID number, and that you are an undergraduate student.
  • Finding the course in PeopleSoft / My Pitt: You will need to search for graduate-level courses in the “LAW” subject