Community Engagement Advising

Want to use your academic talents to impact the world around you? 

Your Honors Community Engagement Advisor can help you:

  • Connect to organizations and leaders in the issues you care most about. 
  • Design meaningful projects that use your academic skills and interests to address issues in the community.
  • Find fellowships, internships, and study abroad opportunities for public service and social change.

We'll also challenge you to think more deeply about how to make lasting, ethcial social change. 

Honors Community Engagement Advisors

Holly Hickling

Holly is a leader of innovative community service on and off campus. She spent 6 years working in international development in Zambia, first in refugee camps, then conducting research with Poverty Action Lab. She built on her undergraduate foundation in math to earn a Master of Public Policy and Management, so she's well versed in different research methodologies.

We bet she can teach you about a few ways to make an impact that you wouldn't have considered!

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