Honors courses

Coursework that cuts across traditional academic boundaries. 

Honors classes create a dynamic, personal environment — so you become part of the course, shaping it with your own commentary and interests. 

Even though they're more challenging, they're more interesting. Dig deeper into the material with richer analysis, cutting-edge tools, and through the lens of pop culture and society.  

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2020 Fall Term Course Spotlight

PITT 0130 - Wellness and Resilience
Wednesdays, 6-8:30 pm - or - Thursdays, 6-8:30 pm

No prerequisites to enroll in this course.

Life gets stressful. Hack your brain to handle it. The class where your homework is to re-train your brain! Learn advanced psychotherapy techniques to ease your mind and improve your life. Learn positive habits like mindfulness, strategies for reducing stress and other uncomfortable emotions, coping skills, and relationship skills. Break down the psychology behind why these skills work and learn to apply them to your life. Practice using these skills and positive habits through homework and in-class practice.