How Law Began

LAW 2910  - fall - This is a special graduate-level course for undergraduates

Today, law is in the fine print. For pre-literate cultures, it was a performative, sensory experience. Distill law to its earliest, simplest forms to analyze legal systems from a fresh perspective.  

A designated “LAW” course on your transcript
This is a special undergraduate-level course from the Pitt Graduate School of Law. You will have the unique opportunity to have the course labeled “LAW” on your undergraduate transcript. It also has special registration procedures:

  • Get a permission number by emailing (First come, first served.) Include the specific course number (LAW 2910), your PeopleSoft ID number, and that you are an undergraduate student.
  • Finding the course in PeopleSoft / My Pitt: You will need to search for graduate-level courses in the “LAW” subject