Community Members and Organizations

The University Honors College (UHC) seeks to forge meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships between community partners, students, and faculty by building sustainable academic community engagement programs at Pitt. Our model, influenced by our value to develop a student’s social consciousness, includes undergraduate courses, independent research, advising, and individual experiential learning opportunities.

This site offers community leaders and organizations in Pittsburgh the platform to learn about connect with the UHC through Acasdemic Community Engagement.

Our Core Academic Community Engagement Programs

Service-Learning Courses

The UHC Service-Learning Course Development Grant Program provides Pitt faculty members the opportunity to request up to $5,000 for the development of undergraduate honors level, service learning courses at Pitt. Faculty members work with community partners to develop a course that connects academic frameworks to a community partner’s mission.

If you would like to explore ways in which a particular service-learning course could investigate issues pertinent to your organization and support your mission, please contact our Academic Community Engagement Advisor, Holly Hickling ( She will work to connect you with faculty members in departments related to your course idea. Please also feel free to browse Pitt’s undergraduate schools, departments, and faculty members online at

Independent Research

The Fall/Spring Community Based Research Fellowship Program supports University of Pittsburgh undergraduate students while they are conducting community-based research projects. Research projects must investigate an issue in the local community. The Fellowship awards a stipend of $800 for a semester; in addition, it requires the Fellows to participate in four interdisciplinary seminars during the semester in which Fellows will report on their research progress and reflect on how different disciplines enact social change. Fellows must also prepare a final report for the University Honors College, their faculty mentor, and community partner that details their research efforts and their findings.

If you have an undergraduate Pitt student currently working with your organizations or are interested in hosting one and have an idea for an independent research project, please share with them this opportunity. Students interested in learning more or those who have questions about this Fellowship should contact Academic Community Engagement Advisor, Holly Hickling (


The UHC houses the University of Pittsburgh’s Academic Community Engagement Advising. Holly Hickling, the UHC’s Academic Community Engagement Advisor works to:

  • Introduce students to pertinent social issues in the city of Pittsburgh as well as key organizations, leaders, and advocates who are involved with these issues.
  • Connect student to fellowships, internships, and study abroad opportunities that relate to public service and social change.
  • Support students to design meaningful experiences and research projects that integrate student’s academic skills and interests into investigating and addressing issues in the community.
  • Challenge students to think comprehensively about social change and how their undergraduate educations can be applied to making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Maintain the Community Resource Guide, which lists nearly 150 organizations in the city focused on a variety of community issues. If you would like your organization to be included in this Resource Guide please contact

Our Academic Community Engagement Advisor is always interested in meeting with community leaders in order to better connect students directly to opportunities. Please contact the Academic Community Engagement Advisor, at to schedule a time to discuss potential partnerships.

Individual Experiential Learning Opportunities

The UHC Community Scholars Program works with community members and organizations around the city of Pittsburgh to develop experiential learning opportunities (e.g. research projects, fieldwork studies, program development, etc.) for motivated and socially conscious Pitt students. Community Partners develop Community Scholar projects where students contribute their specific academic knowledge and scholarly skills to support the efforts and needs of community members. After a Community Partner has submitted a Community Scholar project description and request for a Community Scholar, the UHC connects qualified and interested students to the project.


If you have any questions or concerns or would like to learn more about Academic Community Engagement in the UHC, contact Academic Community Engagement Advisor, Holly Hickling (