Fall and Spring Research Opportunities

The UHC provides these research programs in the fall and spring terms. Undergraduate students who are interested should choose between the following:

THINK Research Fellowships

THINK Research Fellowships (formerly fall Brackenridge and Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Fellowships)

(Transdisciplinary Honors Inquiries in New Knowledge) These Fellowships support University of Pittsburgh undergraduates who conduct an independent research project, participate in an interdisciplinary weekly seminar in which Fellows present and discuss their projects, and attend a series of faculty talks, workshops, and panel discussions. The fellowship awards a stipend of $1000; in addition, it requires students to register for 1 credit of research.

ACT Research Fellowships

ACT Research Fellowships (formerly Community-based Research Fellowhsips)

These fellowships support University of Pittsburgh undergraduate students while they are conducting community-based research projects. Research projects must investigate an issue in the local community. The Fellowship awards a stipend of $1000 for a semester. It also requires the Fellows to participate in bi-weekly interdisciplinary seminars during the semester in which Fellows report on their research progress and reflect on how different disciplines enact social change. Fellows must also prepare a final report for the University Honors College, their faculty mentor, and community partner that details their research efforts and their findings.

CREaTE Fellowships (NEW!)

CREaTE Research Fellowships

The Creative Research Experience and Trans-disciplinary Exploration (CREaTE) Fellowship supports students producing a piece of creative work under the mentorship of a faculty member or experienced graduate student and provides fellows the opportunity to engage with other artists and methods across disciplines. 

CREaTE is a two term fellowship, running from Spring semester - Summer term (January - August). During the spring semester, while working part-time on their individual projects, fellows will enroll in a weekly seminar for a series of interactive workshops in a variety of creative disciplines (e.g. studio art, creative writing, theatre arts, film, music). There will be roughly 3-4 workshops during the semester, each of which will run for approximately 3 weeks. These workshops are intended to foster Fellows’ growth and development as artists and to encourage crossing boundaries of form, medium, and genre.

Following the spring semester, Fellows will use the summer term to work full-time on their creative projects, while having bi-weekly meetings to discuss their work. Fellows will be awarded a stipend for their work over the spring and summer semesters. Work produced during the fellowship will remain property of the artist.

Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowship supports student involvement in independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Up to ten $800 fellowships, administered by the University Honors College (UHC), are offered to encourage the enrichment of the students' experience in defining objectives and selecting methodologies appropriate to original research in their chosen field of study. The fellowships are available for one term, either fall or spring.