Jason Sepac

  • Director of Research and Creative Programs

Jason began working at Pitt in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences in 2011, and later joined the Honors College in January 2013. He directs the UHC's research and creative programming, which includes the Brackenridge Research Fellowship; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Research Fellowship; and the Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowship, to name a few. He is available to discuss these programs and to advise students looking to take an interdisciplinary approach to their education -- particularly those incorporating the arts and humanities. He also facilitates the interdisciplinary Honors Seminar for all freshmen Chancellor’s Scholars. He is always happy to speak with students, so feel free to stop by and chat. 

As a Pittsburgh native, he can't resist talking about the city. He regularly teaches a section of Freshman Seminar entitled “Writing Pittsburgh,” a first year writing course that explores critically the city’s neighborhoods and its representations in media and culture. As a nonfiction writer, he is interested issues of memory, place, and visual representation. His work has appeared in The Rumpus and is forthcoming in the Kenyon Review Online. 

In his free time, you’ll find him looking for new places to eat (feel free to make recommendations), pushing his bike up the hills of Pittsburgh, looking at old photos, and exploring the peculiarities of the Pittsburgh landscape. 

Education & Training

  • MA (English), Boston College
  • BA (English & Religious Studies), Mercyhurst University